Designer 411

Here are all the tidbits of info on being a RAWR Apparel Designer!

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RAWR Apparel FAQ's

You probably have a few questions, no worries ... Hopefully below are the answers you are looking for!

I completed the designer application ... What happens next?

If you completed the application then we (I cough) am working on adding you to the system. This usually takes a few days. When we are done we will email you and let you know your page is up and we also will give you the link so you may view it.

How do I upload my graphics?

Thats easy, just go to our UPLOAD SOME SWEET ASS GRAPHICS form and enter your email, name and select your graphic file and hit upload! We usually have your graphic up within 24 hours.

What are the graphic requirements?

All graphics need to be in the PNG format, Transparent with a minimum width of 3000px.

Thats all great but how do I get paid?

Please us your paypal info. We can also use VENMO. If you are overseas and need another solution, please send us what your country allows.

And when do we get paid?

I currently have the threshold set to $100, meaning that when you sell $100 worth of shirts I will send you the $100. This does not include the cost of the t-shirt, for example if you sell the shirt for $20, and you make everything over $10 then you wold get paid after you sell 10 t-shirts. You are more then welcome to set the threshold at any amount over $100, just let me know!

What Kids of Designs We Want...

To the right are some examples of shirt designs.

We accept all kinds of t-shirt designs, from the most extreme (to the right) to simple typography t-shirts with words only. You are the designer, its up to you to design whats in your heart.

You can go look at, they have about along the lines of the designs we want to sell. Any t-shirt on that site we would sell on our site!


If you are a designer who want so exclusively sell there design to someone then please contact me for more details.

Our Exclusive designs start at $199. This means that you are selling the design you created NOT a t-shirt. So if you created a design and sold it to the band you would be selling them the source file and they can do whatever they wanted with it.